Saturday, March 30, 2013


Tomorrow I'll be full-term at 37 weeks!  We're so grateful to God and incredibly excited about meeting our little girl very soon!  Since Dan's on spring break, he's done a lot of work to make sure we're ready to bring her home - like setting up the pack-n-play in our room, installing the car seat, and reorganizing things around the house to make room for all her clothes and other necessities. I'm still feeling good and haven't had trouble continuing to work, so I'm planning to keep it up as long as I can and save my time off for after she arrives.  The only consistent problems I've experienced recently are swollen feet and a few hours of sleeplessness several nights a week.  Oh, and I have no more lunch breaks to myself since I'm visiting the doctor three times per week on average for my regular check-ups with the nurse practitioner, plus two non-stress tests per week to monitor the baby's movement and heart rate. Last week my amniotic fluid level measured on the low side of normal, so they scheduled me for the NSTs until I deliver to make sure it doesn't drop below the normal range or affect her. So far, she's doing just fine and kicking happily away!
Our friend Cynthia, who hosted a baby shower for me, took some awesome 36-week pregnancy pictures for us last weekend at Balboa Park.  Here are just a few favorites!



Sunday, March 24, 2013

School Baby Shower

Last week, Dan got a fun surprise when his entire high school threw a baby shower for him! The Secretary of the Student Council, Whitney, planned the party, got the teachers' buy-in, and invited me to come that afternoon, too. She chose a New York Islanders theme (of course), and had snacks and games prepared for everyone.

Dan had the most people at his baby shower I've ever seen. :)

Whitney and Mrs. Camarena explained the rules of the games to everyone. The nice part was that all the kids played the games and we just got to sit back and be entertained!

They used tennis rackets to pass (clean) diapers to each other in a relay race. They had to take the fewest steps on the sheets of bubble wrap while getting the diaper to the finish line the fastest.
Of course who can resist popping the bubble wrap afterwards? This student was extra dedicated. Ha!

In the next game, they had everyone fill in the missing words of the nursery rhymes within 5 minutes.

All the kids hard at work on their nursery rhymes.

And oh look, there's Dan looking the answers up on his iPhone and passing them to Mr. Hicok. I'm pretty sure that's detention-worthy!

Next, they had the kids pair off and feed each other applesauce blindfolded. Super funny to watch, but I'm glad the adults didn't have to participate!

At the end of the party, everyone enjoyed the delicious Islanders' cake. 

My blue teeth after eating the cake. The frosting was a *little* intense! :)

Dan and I with Whitney, the organizer and hostess of the fun shower, along with the high school's gift to us.

They framed an ultrasound picture of our little girl, and the entire high school signed the border.
We received several other fun gifts and outfits, including this homemade NY Islanders t-shirt.  It was a great party and so sweet of the students and teachers to plan a baby shower for us. Our little girl is so loved already!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ladies' Baby Shower

Last Saturday, a couple of my girlfriends hosted a fun baby shower for me. Friends from my old & current churches attended and we had the best time laughing, playing games, and talking about all things baby-related.  I heard lots of advice and many hilarious stories, and I feel extremely blessed to have friends I can ask questions of as I start the journey of motherhood!

Pregnancy belly at 35 weeks - only 5 weeks to go!

My friends Cynthia and Jerrica hosted the shower for me. Cynthia and I met at our previous church just as she and her husband, Dave, were first married. Now they're the parents of two beautiful girls, Olivia and Kailey!  Jerrica and her husband, Filipe, attend our current church. They have an adorable son, Trevor, and another little boy due in May.

It was a late-morning brunch with delicious food

 And a super-rich chocolate mousse cake - you can't go wrong with chocolate, no matter what time of day! :)

Pretty decorations 

We hung some of the cute outfits Dan and I have received on the windows, too

 I received awesome gifts for our little girl, including this fun and creative diaper cake from Jerrica! Dan and I had a great time "unwrapping" it at home and discovering the receiving blankets, washcloths, toys, pacifiers, hair bows, and other goodies inside.

 And Cynthia made this amazing quilt!  She and I went to the fabric store together a couple of months ago to pick out colors and patterns that I liked.  It's so colorful and cheerful, our little girl will love it!!

A better picture that shows off the bright colors.  Cynthia didn't have a pattern for it, she just went off a picture we saw in a quilting magazine. She's extremely talented!

Another highlight was seeing my friend, Trish, who I haven't seen in about three years! She, her husband Briklyn, and her kids drove over 2 hours so she could come to my shower.  The last time Dan and I visited them, their daughter Annabelle was only a year old. I got to meet their son, Hudson, for the first time on Saturday, too.

A picture of all the sweet ladies who attended my shower. It was so fun and I appreciate the blessing they are in my life!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Family Baby Shower

Earlier this month, we spent a long weekend in TX with my family.  My brother, Steve, stayed with my parents and Paul during his spring break, so we scheduled our trip while he was there.  My mom's side of the family threw a wonderful baby shower for us while we were in town, too!  We typically get together with our extended family during Christmastime and Labor Day weekend, so it was a treat to see everyone again! 
Showing off the 33-week belly before driving to the shower

Sweet baby girl decorations and delicious Nothing Bundt Cakes!  If you haven't tried their cakes before, you are really missing out!


My cousin Leslie, who took photos during the shower for us, and Aunt Jane, who hosted the fun event at her house!

My mom visiting with her cousin Ryntha and my Aunt Margaret, who also helped to host the shower.

We ate dinner together and then got to business with opening gifts.  Let me just say that my family has excellent taste in clothes. This baby is going to be well-dressed!

It's a little hard to see it in this picture, but Steve's fiancee, Sheila, brought a salwar kameez outfit from her trip to India! Very unique and pretty!

 There were many pairs of bloomers

 And lots of pink ruffles

 and polka dots
 And of course hearts and flowers

Some hilarity ensued when Dan tested out the bath towel to see if the hoodie really keeps a bald head warm. :)

The best gift of the night was the gorgeous quilt my mom made! It was a complete surprise to us, but she's been working on it (off and on) for three years, hoping it would be for her grandchild. It will be a beautiful wall decoration, because there is no way I'm letting our little girl spit up on it!

After the gift opening, everyone enjoyed hanging out and catching up.

My cousins, Russell, Tim, Brad, and Tucker know that real men attend baby showers. :)

Cousins Emily and Tricia with Emily's son Beckett

Me and soon-to-be Uncle Paul!

We have more showers coming up this month, so more pictures to come!