Friday, June 6, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in Texas

We planned a visit to my family over Memorial Day weekend, since my brother Steve and his wife Sheila would be in Fort Worth during the same weekend.  I was able to take a couple of extra days off work, so Emma and I flew solo for the first time so we could stay five days instead of just the holiday weekend.  It was the end of the school year and graduation ceremonies for Dan's school, so he had to wait until Saturday to leave town.

Ready to board our flight - already missing Dan!

Emma fell in love at the airport. She was obsessed with this guy.  I do understand - he is very appealing.

She was the best baby on the plane.  All the flight attendants said so. :)  It helped that we had the whole row to ourselves and could spread out (we were in the back row right by the bathroom, where no one else wanted to sit)

Someone was pretty excited to hold Little Miss Emma when we got to Fort Worth!

We spent our first morning visiting my cousins, Tricia and Emily, and playing with their kids, Laura and Beckett.  Laura very gently bounced her young cousins on the trampoline, and they loved it!

Emma and I went on a long walk every morning at 6:30 so she wouldn't disturb everyone else.  She is solemnly swearing that she'll make no noise when we go back inside.

Steve and Sheila arrived a day after Emma and I did, and Dan flew in the next morning. We loved having the whole family together!

We spent one afternoon at Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. It's a really cute area with shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Sundance Square had a large splash pad area with about a hundred tiny water fountains for kids to play in.  Emma could not have possibly enjoyed it more.

Dad, Mom, and Paul enjoying the beautiful sunny day

Steve and Sheila celebrated their first anniversary that weekend!

Keeping our feet cool

Back at the house, Emma hosted tea parties

And practiced walking holding one hand instead of two

She had a great time with Uncle Paul, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Sheila

And got lots of love from Papa and Nana!

While we were visiting, my brother Paul wasn't feeling well.  He went to the doctor soon after we left, and learned that he had pneumonia. Since he is being treated with chemotherapy for cancer, his weakened immune system just couldn't battle it. His health quickly went from bad to worse, and he ended up in the ICU for a few days on a ventilator.  He is slowly recovering, but I know he (and I) would appreciate your prayers for him to regain his strength and that his faith in God would increase through everything he's experiencing.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Month of Celebrations!

Last month, Dan and I celebrated our 11th anniversary!  Dan bought flowers and a balloon for me and put them in Emma's room while she was napping so I'd find them when I went in to get her. I love that man!  He's still the sweetest thing in my life after over a decade.

It looks like she's yelling "Surprise!" :)

We dropped Emma off at our friend, Stacy's, in the late morning so we could go on an anniversary date.  Dan's suggestion was to drive an hour north to eat at the nearest Texas Roadhouse. It was a great idea, since that's one of our favorite restaurants and having a couple of hours in the car together to relax and chat was really nice! Much better than sitting in a movie and not talking.

Good steaks and country music - my kind of place!

 And hot rolls with cinnamon butter! Oh how we have missed you!

When we got back to San Diego, we took a walk along the coast before picking up Emma before her bedtime. It was the perfect date day.

We also celebrated my second Mother's Day!

Our first Mother's Day together. What a difference a year makes!

My one request for Mother's Day was to go on a family bike ride. The weather was perfect, so we rode along the bay, had lunch at the beach, then rode back home. Emma did great the entire time.

Later that month, our Seattle friends Matt and Lisa came for a visit and had a party for their son Jed's 1st birthday.  Jed was born just a week or so before Emma.

 Birthday buddies. 
We wish they lived closer so we could have play dates!

 Flashback: Our baby bump picture from Lisa's baby shower a year and a half ago!

 We got to hang out with our friends, Chris and Judy, at Jed's birthday party, too.

 Emma with Chris and Judy's sons, Jon and Ian.

Kisses from Dad

Hanging with Mom

The birthday boy eating his cupcake

It was awesome to spend time with these sweet friends.

And just a couple of weekends later, we got to attend Jon's 4th birthday party! We've had so much fun celebrating special events with our friends recently.

We've also spent many afternoons at our local park, enjoying the warmth and sunshine.  This was Emma's first picnic in the park. 

I had no idea she was ready for a cup with a straw until she grabbed my water bottle and started drinking from it.  I bought one for her, but she still prefers to drink from mine.

We had a play date with my friend Cynthia's daughter, Kailey. They are enjoying "tea" and Ritz crackers.

Emma still gets to spend time with her best friend, Ellie, every week! I'll be sad when they are too big to squeeze into their little car together.

We had a great time at Paul, Ann, and Eli's house after church one afternoon.  They have a big backyard and Emma loved playing with all Eli's toys!

One of Emma's very favorite friends is JoJo, Sue's big, playful dog. She asks for JoJo by name and gets really excited when she sees another dog around our neighborhood who looks like JoJo.    

Dan's school had a special speaker - a survivor of the Holocaust who spoke to the student body. Sue came to hear him and brought Emma with her, so she got to meet him.

And steal his hat.

Speaking of hats, she will wear her own, but she really gets a kick out of wearing someone else's.

I put a bandanna on her head like Dan wears when he's playing hockey. :) I love that happy smile.