Friday, June 6, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend in Texas

We planned a visit to my family over Memorial Day weekend, since my brother Steve and his wife Sheila would be in Fort Worth during the same weekend.  I was able to take a couple of extra days off work, so Emma and I flew solo for the first time so we could stay five days instead of just the holiday weekend.  It was the end of the school year and graduation ceremonies for Dan's school, so he had to wait until Saturday to leave town.

Ready to board our flight - already missing Dan!

Emma fell in love at the airport. She was obsessed with this guy.  I do understand - he is very appealing.

She was the best baby on the plane.  All the flight attendants said so. :)  It helped that we had the whole row to ourselves and could spread out (we were in the back row right by the bathroom, where no one else wanted to sit)

Someone was pretty excited to hold Little Miss Emma when we got to Fort Worth!

We spent our first morning visiting my cousins, Tricia and Emily, and playing with their kids, Laura and Beckett.  Laura very gently bounced her young cousins on the trampoline, and they loved it!

Emma and I went on a long walk every morning at 6:30 so she wouldn't disturb everyone else.  She is solemnly swearing that she'll make no noise when we go back inside.

Steve and Sheila arrived a day after Emma and I did, and Dan flew in the next morning. We loved having the whole family together!

We spent one afternoon at Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth. It's a really cute area with shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Sundance Square had a large splash pad area with about a hundred tiny water fountains for kids to play in.  Emma could not have possibly enjoyed it more.

Dad, Mom, and Paul enjoying the beautiful sunny day

Steve and Sheila celebrated their first anniversary that weekend!

Keeping our feet cool

Back at the house, Emma hosted tea parties

And practiced walking holding one hand instead of two

She had a great time with Uncle Paul, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Sheila

And got lots of love from Papa and Nana!

While we were visiting, my brother Paul wasn't feeling well.  He went to the doctor soon after we left, and learned that he had pneumonia. Since he is being treated with chemotherapy for cancer, his weakened immune system just couldn't battle it. His health quickly went from bad to worse, and he ended up in the ICU for a few days on a ventilator.  He is slowly recovering, but I know he (and I) would appreciate your prayers for him to regain his strength and that his faith in God would increase through everything he's experiencing.

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