Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rough Job

Dan got beat up this week at his job - literally. The high school went on a retreat on Thursday and Friday where they played a nighttime hide-and-seek/capture the other team game, which has a tendency to get intense every year. Dan came home with some new injuries - a broken toe and probably a fractured rib also. That man is too competitive! He wanted me to post a picture of his purple toe, but I'll do you all a favor and spare you. It's pretty spectacular, though.

As if he hadn't had enough, tonight was the school/church Harvest Festival and Dan was "nominated" to be in the dunk tank. He's an unfailing good sport, and gave a lot of good smack talk no matter how many time he got dunked.

Oh well, he'll recover but I think he'll just be watching hockey on TV for the next few weeks instead of playing.

Still dry and ready to go



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Universal Studios Hollywood

We spent a fun Saturday at Universal Studios Hollywood with some of Dan's friends from work, Paul and Chris, and their wives, Ann and Adessa. It was Chris and Adessa's first time to go (Adessa had gone to the studios 20 years earlier, but it was before they had all the fun rides so it doesn't count). Maybe it's because we're not from the area, but Dan and I have made sure to hit all the great amusement parks, National Parks, and lots of other points of interest in Southern CA. Or maybe we just refuse to grow up, even though our bodies are getting too old to handle rollercoasters well. Anyway, it's so much more fun to go with a group of friends and nobody threw up after riding the rides. I'd call that a pretty darn good day. :)

By the way, the new Simpson's ride is really well done. It's an IMAX/simulator experience, so definitely not for the faint of stomach! But very cool!