Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just a Day in the Life of a High School Principal

Now that the school year's almost over, Dan's life has suddenly become a lot busier! It's easy to forget how many end-of-the-year performances, award ceremonies, and other special events there are in high school - and guess who gets to be involved in everything? That's right - the principal!! So I've been seeing less of him recently and we both can't wait until summer break. This past weekend, we went to the high school's musical, "Uncle Phil's Diner," which was a fun performance. And we also went to prom! Ha! I got all kinds of grief from my co-workers about going, but the guy who asked me was sooo cute, I just couldn't say no! :) It was at a really pretty conference center/marina, so we took this picture in front of the boats. We ended up having a really good time, although I do not miss the drama and awkwardness I experienced at that age. Makes me wonder what all my teachers were thinking about me and my friends when I was in high school. Hmmmm. Maybe it's better not to know! :)