Thursday, October 16, 2008

"The Mysteries Of Women"

Since Dan and I got married, I think he's created a new mental category called "The Mysteries Of Women." One of the things that definitely fall in this category are baby showers. I've gone to three baby showers for our friends in the past two months, and when I come home and tell him about how we tasted baby food to guess the flavor and raced to dress each other in "diapers" made of toilet paper, he cannot understand what possesses me to go to another baby shower ever again. But I had a fun time, and he just chalks it up to "The Mysteries Of Women." So when the fourth baby shower for our friends Trish and Briklyn was a co-ed shower, he was really apprehensive but decided to go and lend moral support to Briklyn, if nothing else. The shower was at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disneyland, which was a cool venue, the food was fantastic, there were plenty of other guys there, and we had a really good time. They had a game planned where we "made babies" by shaping pieces of Hubba Bubba gum, and Dan discovered his untapped raw talent for bubble gum sculpting and won the game! I don't think he's found a new passion (in baby showers or bubble gum sculpting, although if I find "Still Life in Hubba Bubba" lying around the house I'll let you know), but I think he now understands a little bit of why I enjoy the showers for our friends.

Trish and Briklyn's baby shower
Dan's bubble gum baby
"The Mysteries Of Women" Part 2: Yesterday, I was digging through boxes to find some paperwork for my master's degree, and came across a box labeled "Wedding Stuff." Of course I had to open it and see what kind of wedding stuff we were talking about here, and this is what I found.

All the pink boxes are full of little bubbles, which we had given our guests to blow when we left the church after our wedding ceremony. I obviously had ordered way too many of these, and for some reason I can't remember now, I decided we should keep them in a box for 5 years. The other thing was a big stack of napkins that say "Dan and Debby - May 3, 2003."

Dan, seeing the stack by the door when he came home from work, asks "You mean we've been lugging those things around the country for the past 5 years??" I smile sheepishly. Dan sighs and files yet another eccentricity away in the "The Mysteries Of Women" category.

On the upside, we're all set on napkins for about the next 6 months! I'll probably give the bubbles away to Dan's school or a thrift store or something. But we're one box lighter for our next move!