Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Bear Weekend

We spent last weekend in the mountains at Big Bear Lake & Village, which is about a 2.5 hour drive from San Diego. We rented a cabin with our friends Dave and Cynthia and their sweet Black Labrador, Daisy, and it was a blast! Dan and I got in super late on Friday night, but on Sat. morning, Cynthia cooked blueberry/chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast before we spent the day hiking, playing in the snow, picnicking, and enjoying the beautiful sunny day. That evening, we went to a little amusement park nearby where they had an alpine slide and inner tubes you could ride down a snowy hill. After dinner, we built a log fire in our cabin, made S'mores, and played games till midnight.

We were expecting to have a leisurely morning at the cabin before we checked out on Sun., but it started snowing early! So we checked out by 8:30 and got down the mountain before the roads got too bad. We love weekend getaways with our friends! We wish it was easier to coordinate schedules for stuff like this more often!

Our friends, Dave, Cynthia, and Daisy

We hiked around Big Bear Lake in front of Snow Summit ski resort

Daisy and I were fixing a picnic lunch in our cabin
(I had just eaten chocolate, and she thought I smelled goooood!!)

Dan says "Who needs a sled??"
I say "Who's going to have a wet butt for the rest of the hike??"

Daisy's first experience playing in snow. She loved it!

It's insanely hard to get a dog to look at a camera on a timer!

It was snowing and FREEZING on Sunday morning before we left!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Husband, the Rock Star

A couple of months ago, Dan was asked to be the lead singer for a Christian band called "The Remnant," led by one of his co-workers. He's really enjoyed practicing with them and getting to know the musicians better. Last night they had their first concert, and they rocked out!! They sang at a church that hosts Friday night concerts, and it was a great time of worshiping God. Dan sounded AWESOME and jumped around stage like a crazy rock star, and I wish that I had a video camera so you could experience some of it. Let's just say that there were some students and teachers from his school there whose world may never be the same again. :) It was a great time, though, and really fun to see him in his artistic element. Here are a couple of pictures, and if I can ever get ahold of a video, I'll try to post some of it, too.

The Remnant, live and in concert Dan's signing an autograph for a fan while the paparazzi snaps pictures in the background. haha!