Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Holidays!

We had one of the most awesome, relaxing holidays this year. Since Dan's been working at schools he's had 2 weeks off for Christmas each year, but I'm usually scraping the bottom of my vacation-time barrel by then, so we're lucky to get a full week to spend with both our families. But I'm student teaching this year, which means school holidays for me!!!! It also meant doubling up on the school concerts and work parties we attended during December, so we had a pretty hectic couple of weeks before we flew out. But it was all fun stuff, so we didn't mind.

The day after school let out, we flew to Nashville to visit my family until Dec. 26th. We got to the airport in plenty of time, but our plane had to be repaired before they would let us board, so we were 3 hours late leaving San Diego (boo, American Airlines!). Not only did this make us miss our connection in Dallas/Ft. Worth (we had to sprint across DFW to the next gate and barely made it onto the very last flight to Nashville for the night!), but it also caused Dan to miss out on going to the Predators v. Islanders hockey game that night, which was going to be a surprise for him. If you have known Dan for any time at all, you know he's a rabid Islanders fan, and it SUCKED that he missed the game!! My dad and brothers went to the game without him and they taped it at home so Dan could at least watch it later. He says to make up for it, we'll have to spend a weekend in Long Island, NY sometime to catch a home game. :)

But after that first disappointing travel day, we had a really great time with my family. We went Christmas shopping, spent time with Nashville friends, visited my parents' church, and just enjoyed hanging out together at home. On Dec. 26th, we said goodbye to Paul and Steve (my brothers) and my parents joined us for the 11.5 hour drive to Williamsburg to visit Dan's family!

The Jesters took us to see cool historical sights, like Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg, and introduced my parents to the Nintendo Wii. My parents headed back home on Dec. 30th, and Dan and I spent the rest of our visit hanging out and relaxing with his family. We got to spend time with some of their Williamsburg friends because Dan's parents had about 50 people over for a dinner party one night! And we got to see some of our friends from Colorado who were in Virginia for the holidays, too.

It was a blast to have 2 weeks to spend on the east coast this year! We'll have to figure out some way to keep that tradition alive!

All dressed up at my work party right before Christmas break!

My best friend since age 1, Melody, her sister, and mom came over to my parents' house in Nashville for a fun visit. From left to right in back row: Mrs. Anderson, Tiffanie, and Melody; from left to right in front row: Skyler (Mel's son), Gunnar and Jacob (Tiffanie's sons).

My best friend since the 6th grade, Michelle, and her son Brendon came over, too. Michelle is expecting another little boy in April!

Michelle, Melody, and I (the 3 of us roomed together in college)

I met my friend from college, Sarah, and her son, Aaron, at the mall for lunch while Dan and I were Christmas shopping. It was great to see her and meet her cute little boy!

The Campbell Clan: Dad, Mom, older brother Paul, me, Dan, and younger brother Steve.

All the Colonial Williamsburg buildings were decorated for Christmas with natural and homemade materials. It was beautiful!

One of the recreated ships (maybe the Godspeed?) at historical Jamestown

Me playing my mother-in-law in Wii boxing. She's really tough!
Dan playing the Leapster with our nephew, Benjamin

"Officer Nathan" trying on his policeman uniform after we opened presents

"Officer Benjamin" - watch out for him, he loves to give out tickets!

Dan with his brother, Tim, and sister, Robin

Dan and Mike Robert, one of our friends from Colorado who we met in VA

Me with Courtney Pickford, Kate Robert, and Charlotte (Mike and Kate's sweet daughter)

The Jester Family - top row: Dad, Tim, Dawn, me, Dan, and Robin; bottom row: Mom, Benjamin, and Nathan