Tuesday, February 23, 2016

While We're On Hold...

Emma's surgery, which was scheduled for tomorrow, has been postponed due to a UTI she developed over the weekend.  She was sooo close, too!  But obviously we and her surgeon don't want to risk surgery while she has an infection, so it is currently rescheduled for April 6th.

So while we're on hold, here are some pictures of our weekend at Disney World.  I ran the Disney World Princess Half Marathon on Sunday, and we planned a long weekend around the race.  Although Emma wasn't feeling well, we made the most of it and still had a great time.

Dan's parents booked their timeshare for us to stay in that weekend. They drove and picked us up from the airport on Friday night and we spent the next day at Disney Springs (formerly called Downtown Disney).

We headed to the ESPN Wide World of Sports, where the race expo was located.

I picked up my race bib and t-shirt

I dressed as Princess Belle for the race, and stopped for a photo op after running through Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom

My carriage awaits. Unfortunately, there was only a mile left before the finish line.

Dan's cousin Karen (next to me), and her daughters Megan and Christine ran the race, also.  They were an incredible help to me! They were staying at a Disney hotel, and let me crash there the night before the race since we were all getting up at o'dark thirty to get ready. We rode a shuttle to the start line, and the race began at 5:30 am. 

After I raced and showered, we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom.  We stayed on top of the Tylenol that day for Emma's fever and my poor aching legs!

This was definitely a highlight of her day!

And lest you think I'm the only cheesy one around here wearing costumes, just check out the pictures below.

When I let Emma pick out her clothes, a tutu and dress shoes usually make it into the mix.


My mom has an apron for Emma to wear when she helps around the kitchen at their house. So adorable!

She was watching Peter Pan, and had to run put on her Tinker Bell dress.

Having a tea party with Cinderella

 Dan has even gotten into it. His school had "character day" during Homecoming week, and he dressed as Gru from "Despicable Me". Ha! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ear Tubes, Log Cabins, and Winter Weather

We kicked off the new year with ear tubes for Emma at the beginning of January. I think she had about 6 ear infections since we moved here 6 months ago.  She had fluid trapped in her middle ears that wasn't draining out on its own, which made her more susceptible to getting an infection every time she caught a cold at preschool.  The ear tube procedure went well - she had a rough time waking up from the anesthesia, but was back to herself within a couple of hours. She had one minor ear infection a week after her surgery, but she didn't seem to have pain and didn't develop a fever, so it was much milder than her past infections. We treated it with antibiotic ear drops and she's been fine ever since!

A week prior to her ear tube surgery, she had to undergo general anesthesia for some tests on her kidney and ureter function.  So she's been through the wringer at hospitals recently.  We met with a new urologist who agreed with her prior San Diego urologist's opinion that Emma needs surgery to correct the reflux she has when she urinates. Her surgery is scheduled next week, on February 24th, and it's a much bigger ordeal than anything she's been through. We'd appreciate your prayers for her during surgery and recovery, which sounds like it'll be rough for about a week afterwards.

We had a fun weekend visiting a luxury campground in Gordansville, VA with Dan's parents.  They rented a log cabin for us to stay in, and we enjoyed seeing the beautiful countryside and spending time with them.  We also got to attend our niece, Miriam's, baptism at River's Edge Bible Church in Hopewell, VA, where our brother-in-law, Rob preaches.  We love being close enough to drive to special family events!  

It's also been fun to have snow during the past few weeks!!  Dan's school has closed three times in the past month because they shut down all the schools as soon as there's a threat of snow.  We aren't complaining, of course. :)

Poor Emma getting cuddles after getting her IV in, while waiting for anesthesia. I comfort myself with the fact that she'll probably have very few (if any) memories of these tough visits to the hospitals.

A week after getting ear tubes, she woke up with blood in her ear (I'll spare you from that photo, but the doctor said it was just a symptom of her ear infection). It was a Sunday and urgent care was insane, so we walked to McDonald's next door to kill some time and I treated her to her very first Happy Meal. She's a big fan!

We celebrated my birthday in January at Texas Roadhouse with steak and potatoes and rolls with cinnamon butter. Yum!

Dan "hid" a birthday card and some peanut butter M&Ms by Emma's bed on my birthday for us to find in the morning. Someone was happy to eat candy on the way to school that morning. :)

Special time with Grandma at the log cabin in Gordansville

Dan and Emma walking to see the ponies they have at the campground

The sky was just gorgeous that day!

We stopped to play on a carriage that was parked in the stables. 

Cinderella and Prince Charming are ready to go to the ball!

A view of the lake by the campground. Did I mention how pretty the sky was?

We ate lunch at Michie Tavern near Monticello while we were in the area, which is known for its authentic Colonial atmosphere and cuisine.

Dan's first snow day from school! We went to the mall to play and eat lunch indoors for a while. 

Then, when the snow had accumulated, Emma got to build her first snowman!

She was so proud! But she wanted us to make an entire snowman family, complete with Daddy, Mommy, Brother, Sister, and Baby (like the "Finger Family Song," if you've had the pleasure of hearing that one).

The finished Snow Family product. My parents came over to have lunch with us, too. It has been such a blessing to have them living in our neighborhood!