Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Jesters Go To Orlando!

Last Friday-Wednesday, we flew to Orlando to spend time with Dan's family. Everyone got to be there except for Robin, because she had just started a new job and couldn't take time off yet. We missed her, but had so much fun! It was in the 80's the whole time, so we enjoyed fun pool time at the condo and pretended it was already summer. We also went to the Magic Kingdom and to Busch Gardens, which was a blast. It was great to get to see Dan's parents, Tim, Dawn, Benjamin, and Nathan again so soon after Christmas. Nathan didn't get sick this time (yay!), but Dan did (boo!). He caught the flu the day before we left, and was miserable for the next three days with a fever and congestion. So we took it easy and made sure he got plenty of rest, and he's feeling a lot better now.

The happiest place on earth!

Our nephews are so cute!

Benjamin and Debby were big buddies in Orlando