Tuesday, February 1, 2011

His & Hers

Dan and I have very different opinions about what constitutes "fun" exercise. I prefer running, and he says nothing is as fun as a game of hockey. Neither of us even remotely enjoys the other's activity of choice. I submit to you the facts.


The gear: Pretty, new running shoes. Okay, pretty is optional, but new is at least better on your joints than old shoes.

The look: You must dress like a ninja, to better intimidate the other runners and their dogs.

The view: I usually run along Mission Bay, which has ruined me from enjoying running on a treadmill for.the.rest.of.my.life.

Debby in action during the Shelter Island 5K.

Bonus Points: Running can be either a social or an "alone time" activity. Depending on how often & how long you run, it can require no training or a lot of training, so what you accomplish is up to you. Also, you don't need high tech gear besides the shoes, so it can be very affordable, although of course you could spend thousands on name brands, gadgets, and races if you wish.

Bummers: It can be a monotonous and lonely sport, especially when you're running longer distances. So it's easy to slack off since no one is watching you or depending on your performance. You can get overuse injuries from using the same muscles in the same motion constantly, so you may need to shake things up with activities you enjoy less. Plus, bad weather = treadmills. bah.

Roller Hockey

The gear: hockey sticks (a second one for back-up in case of breakage), and in the giant duffel bag - skates, pads, gloves, helmet, face shield, and the optional knee braces to prevent twisted knees. (cute children not included)

The view: I don't have any problem with what the roller rink looks like, but if you could smell that place...the aroma of dozens of sweaty men. I guess when you're one of those sweaty men, it doesn't seem so bad.
Dan in action

Bonus Points: Hockey is fast-paced with a lot of sprinting, so you won't get bored. It forces you to get into shape fast and you can try playing different positions for more of a challenge. It's a good way to meet friends and form camaraderie over teamwork. It's competitive and your team counts on you, so you have fewer opportunities to slack off.

Bummers: It takes a lot of practice to move well on skates and handle the puck with a stick. There is really no way to play the game without cost, since you need the equipment and you have to pay to rent a facility (whether it's indoors or outdoors). Also, the body-to-body contact and flying projectiles means you will acquire bruises. BIG ones.

Yeah, you have fun with that, Dan. The worst injury I had this week was a grass stain on my shoe.