Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost & Found

So yesterday, my day was normal for about a half an hour. I got ready for work, then went outside to my car....which wasn't there! Uh oh. I called Dan to ask if he had moved it, but he hadn't. He could neither confirm nor deny that my car had been in the driveway when he left bleary-eyed for work earlier that morning. He just hadn't noticed. So I called the police and had the following conversation:

Police: Please state your emergency.
Me: I'm calling to report a car theft.
Police: Oh, is your name Deborah?
Me: Er...yes...
Police: We've been waiting for you to call. Your car was stolen last night but the thief has been caught & arrested and your car is waiting for you at the towing lot.

How's that for a miracle?!?! The guy who stole my car tried to drive it to Mexico, but the border patrol caught him and he was in jail and my car was back in San Diego before I even woke up! God is infinitely good to us! Most people never see their cars again because the thieves take them apart before crossing the border and then just sell the parts. My car wasn't damaged at all, except the ignition may have been stripped some when they forced the car to start without the key. We had to pay to get my car from the towing company, which was expensive but still a relatively small price to pay. And I had my car back within three hours of finding out that it was missing! I love that beat-up little CR-V! It's taken me 200,000 miles all over the country and just keeps on truckin'! It's not worth too much dollar-wise, but it's priceless to me. :)

Taking advantage of a natural car wash in Glacier National Park