Thursday, April 3, 2008

Family Time in San Diego!

My parents came to visit us for a week while Dan was on Spring Break! It was great to have them here! They arrived on Wed. afternoon, and I had to work on Thurs., so Dan took them on a driving tour of San Diego. My Dad has been out here before, but there were a lot of new things to show my Mom. He took them down to see his school and they stopped by to see me at work. They were also introduced to a couple of Dan's favorite burrito stops (anything contained in a flour tortilla is good!) for breakfast and lunch. Then I was on vacation from Friday-Tuesday, so I got to spend the rest of their visit with them.

We relaxed and spent time at home (The boys won at Spades, but the girls were the champions in Canasta!), but we also did some fun touristy things. We spent a day touring the USS Midway, a Navy aircraft carrier that was converted into a museum and permanently docked in San Diego's harbor. And we drove to L.A. to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, which was really well done. It gave some history about the lives and relationship between Ronald and Nancy Reagan (can I just say that they had the sweetest, most romantic relationship under the hardest of circumstances!), but the museum mostly focused on his years as President. They had cool videos strategically placed so you could sit and watch some old news clips and interviews that took place during important national events, and they also had an entire wing that housed the actual Air Force One plane that he flew on while he was President! They retired that plane right after his last term, and he asked if he could have it. Anyway, it was so interesting, and it made me want to visit other Presidential Libraries whenever I'm in those areas of the country.

Most of all, we had the best time just getting to be with my folks on our own for several days in a row. When we see them, we're usually surrounded by lots of family which is great, but you miss that intimate time to really catch up. Dan and I both have the best parents in the world, and we're so blessed that we get along with everyone in our families. We try not to take that for granted, and we appreciate the time we can spend with our folks! It made our month to have them come visit us!

About to tour the USS Midway

My dad, the fighter pilot

We got thrown in the brig!!

At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library - Mom and I look like we're about to run away with "Ronnie"!

Dad and Dan posing by Air Force One