Sunday, June 27, 2010

June Fun

It's been a while since I've updated since there's been something going on every weekend recently! It's been busy but fun! A few weeks ago, we spent an entire Saturday at "Spirit West Coast," which is a Christian music festival they hold in California each year. We saw the Supertones, Manic Drive, Matthew West, Jars of Clay, & Steven Curtis Chapman, along with some great local Christian bands. During the other June weekends, we got to celebrate with our friends at a wedding, a baby shower, a graduation ceremony, and several birthday parties.

I've spent time with some friends from out of town recently, too. One of my Denver co-workers, Kristen, came to San Diego to meet with her clients and we spent a fun two hours at dinner catching up. Another friend from high school in Nashville came to San Diego for a conference and Dan and I met up with him, too. Jon and I knew each other well as teenagers and reconnected through Facebook recently, so it was great to get reaquainted as adults.

Sadly, we're also losing some of our San Diego friends soon. Chris is one of Dan's coworkers at school, and he and his wife, Adessa, have become good friends to us over the past few years. They're moving up to Anaheim this week so Chris can start his master's program. It's only an hour and a half away, but we're going to miss having them in town! They'll live right across the street from Disneyland, so they can definitely expect to see us! Because *one* of us is a bald-headed Disney freak. :)

Dan's school year ended in mid-June and he still works all summer, but it feels like a completely different job without the kids & teachers there. He gets a lot more quiet, uninterrupted time to work on his computer and plan for next year, which he enjoys. Plus he goes in later in the mornings, so he's taken up roller hockey on Wed. nights as well as Sun. nights again. More hockey=more joy as far as he's concerned. My work load has taken off this summer with several new proposals we're bidding to try to win more work for my company. I've also started a Photoshop class, to help me with the ads and flyers I'm responsible for since we lost our graphic designer during layoffs in January.

Here are some pics from Spirit West Coast and a couple of birthday parties this month.

Jars of Clay is one of Dan's favorite bands. They sounded awesome in concert!

Steven Curtis Chapman has been one of my favorites since I was a kid. Two of his sons played in his band (drums & electric guitar), which was awesome. He made me cry like a baby when he sang two songs dedicated to his little girl who was tragically killed.

We celebrated my co-worker, Kat's, birthday this month with lunch and a hike.

Ready to go!
The scenery was breathtaking, and the strenuousness of the hike reminded me of hiking in the CO Rockies.

We celebrated another special birthday with Olivia, who turns 1 this week. I think I've got some competition from that little heartbreaker! She thought Dan was the coolest!