Sunday, September 20, 2009

San Diego Super Chargers

We had a great time today at the Chargers vs. Ravens game with our friends, Paul and Ann. It was my first NFL game, which is somewhat sad since I've lived in three cities with pro football teams. I thoroughly enjoyed all the big money hoopla surrounding the actual sport - there was always something interesting going on, including the antics of the football-crazed (and drunk) fans. The Chargers lost, unfortunately, but it was an exciting game with some great moments!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day in Italy....Texas

We had the absolute best Labor Day weekend in TX with my mom's side of the family. It was a whirlwind, but we finally got to see my parent's new digs in Weatherford and visit my Uncle Brian and Aunt Margaret's brand new Lost Creek Ranch House near the town of Italy, which they built specifically to host family gatherings such as this. The whole extended family made it, which is a miracle in itself, with everyone's busy schedules! My cousin, Kyle, had been working for a private contractor in Israel and had only returned home on Sunday. He and his wife, Melissa, pretty much drove straight to the family reunion from the airport. That's the kind of dedication our family has for spending time together, and I love it!

We filled every moment with fun group games (Spades, Catch Phrase, Mafia, Chicken Foot, and 31), whiffle ball homerun derbies, a big family whiffle ball game, dirt bike and 4-wheeler rides, lots and lots of delicious southern food, and catching up and telling hilarious stories. Dan and I love spending time with our families and it's wonderful to have such a perfect place for everyone on my mom's side to gather. Lost Creek Ranch is a 100-acre property, and my aunt and uncle are building a 2 acre fishing pond behind the house, so the place will be even better the next time we all visit! We can't wait!

My mom and dad's rental house in Weatherford. It's really cute!

The Ranch House

My dad designed the logo for Lost Creek Ranch

Uncle Brian and Aunt Margaret, the best host and hostess you could imagine!

We love card game tournaments!

A very intense game of Chicken Foot.

Cousin Jeff and his son, Jackson, enjoying the 4-wheeler

The whole family played whiffle ball one evening - it was a blast!

All the cousins minus Leslie, who had to leave
a day early

And the whole family!