Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clean Comedy

Dan & I went to The Rock Church in San Diego last night to see a comedy show. It was awesome! I love clean comedy, but someone needed to redeem it for me after we saw a couple of horrible comedy acts at Spirit West Coast earlier this year. Horrible in the sense of "if they were performing for anyone except Christians, they'd be booed off the stage." See, here's the problem for a lot of clean comedians - they perform for Christian audiences. Christian audiences don't get drunk, so you have to actually be funny.

Anyway, the comedians last night were hysterical, and we had a great time! We saw three acts from John Branyan, Bob Smiley, and Tim Hawkins. They each had different styles, and I'd recommend going to see any of them if you get the chance. Here are a few videos of them from YouTube so you can pretend you went with us - enjoy!

John Branyan - knows how to find the hilarious in everyday things

Bob Smiley - likes to get your mind going in one direction as he tells a story, and then BAM! throws a curveball at you!

Tim Hawkins - does a combination of stand-up comedy and musical numbers based on popular melodies