Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can you say Æbleskiver?

This weekend, Dan and I had Monday off (thank you, Martin Luther King, Jr.!), so of course a road trip was in order. We've been wanting to visit a quaint Dutch town called Solvang since we heard about it a few months ago. The drive along the central CA coastline is really scenic, too (if you can just get through L.A. traffic), and Solvang is nestled in beautiful wine country just east of Santa Barbara. The town was founded by Dutch settlers who wanted to start a school within their own community. The original school is no longer there, but the Dutch-inspired architecture, history, restaurants, and shops are well worth a visit. We had a great time sight-seeing, and it was the perfect 2-day getaway so we still had Monday to relax at home before the work week started!

We loved seeing the colorful buildings, beautiful brickwork, cobblestone sidewalks, and hand-crafted gifts and foods

And windmills around every corner!

We split a sausage plate for dinner. It was delicious, but it made my stomach angry later. :(

There were Danish bakeries everywhere, torturing us with their sweet, buttery aromas

We visited the Hans Christian Andersen museum where we learned that he was the son of a poor shoemaker who made his own way in the world through his writings. Also, he was spurned in love many times, but the ladies probably regretted it after he became famous. :)
Dan is practicing his pose for his own statue someday.

The Solvang tour

Mission Santa Ines

Their cute wooden telephone booth. I'm not really calling anyone, or even holding the phone against my ear for that matter because I don't welcome ear cooties.

The whole town was this adorable

We tasted our first Aebleskiver at Solvang Restaurant. They are spherical Danish pancakes with raspberry jam and powdered sugar on top. Delicious!!

It is also the world's most fun word to say: "ee-bul-skee-ver"

We visited the nearby town of Los Olivos, where I was shocked to discover that olives grow on trees (like the tree right behind me)! If you had asked me before that moment, I would've maybe guessed that they grow on a bush like berries.

But nope, there they are hanging from tree branches! My brain just got a new wrinkle.

We continued to explore the beautiful countryside, and found this Ostrich Farm in Buellton.

Kind of random, but I like it!

One of the many vineyards in the area

Posers :)

One last deep breath of country air before we go back to the city.

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