Saturday, January 5, 2008

We Love Christmastime!

We had a blast this Christmas! Since Dan gets two weeks off for the holidays, we always make the most of it and visit both our families in one trip. It saves us from having to fly across the country during Thanksgiving weekend, which is a nightmare! So this year, we flew to Williamsburg, VA first to visit the Jesters. We got to see Dan's cousins, John and Carrie, and their son Dillon one evening, and we went to Christmas Eve service at Robin's church. She played piano for the service and sang a solo and did an awesome job! And Christmas morning was tons of fun with our nephew, Benjamin, who's 3 years old now and really gets into all the gifts! He wanted to help everyone else open their presents after he finished with his. Our little nephew, Nathan, is one and a half, and he's happy to let Benjamin open all his gifts for him. That'll change soon! The only bad part of Christmas was that Nathan got really sick with pneumonia and RSV!! They had to take him to the ER on Christmas night because he was having so much trouble breathing! It was very scary - but he's doing fine now.

We flew from VA to Nashville, TN, to visit the Campbells next. My family never, ever stayed in Nashville for Christmas! We always drove to TX to visit our extended family during the holidays, so I have very few memories of what Christmas is like in my home town. My parents are going to put their house on the market soon and are considering moving out of TN, so it made Christmas in Nashville that much more special this year. Another exciting part of our visit was seeing my best friends, Melody and Michelle. Melody and her son, Skyler, and her parents came to my folks' house for a visit, and then Dan and I drove up to Springfield, TN to see Michelle, her husband, O'Bee, and their son, Brendon. All in all, it was a fun-filled holiday season with family and friends that we'll cherish!
Here are some photos of the Nashville friends we got to see.
Debby and Melody

Mel, her son, Skyler, and Mr. and Mrs. Anderson

Debby and Michelle

Michelle, O'Bee, and their son, Brendon