Friday, March 31, 2017

Seven Months!

Hallie is developing new skills almost daily now!  She wants to play with everything she sees, so you have to watch what is within her reach. Emma keeps forgetting and has to be rescued at least once a day when Hallie gets a good grip on her hair. Hallie is still babbling away, but she's adding inflections like she's having a real conversation with us. She wants to be right in the middle of the action and gets fussy quickly when she's not.  She's still sleeping through the night, with very few exceptions (Hallelujah!!).

We've been passing colds around the household this month, and she had her first fever that lasted a couple of days. It amazes us how healthy she's been, and I know we have my parents to thank for that since they are watching her at their house 3 days a week while I work.  I'm sure she'd be sick more often if she was in daycare with other kids. 

Her success in grabbing things has made her braver. Unfortunately, that bravery resulted in her falling off the couch one day.  We had propped her into a sitting position in the corner of the couch, and she fell over and rolled towards the edge.  Emma saw that she was about to fall off and called me, but I was upstairs and couldn't make it down fast enough.  Hallie was traumatized by the fall, of course, but seemed no worse for wear after she stopped crying.

Her eczema on her head has finally gone away! We still lotion her head after a bath, but it's not getting a rash like it used to. She still scratches her head every time she drinks a bottle, but I think it's just a habit, and not because it itches.  She can drink certain types of regular formula without spitting half of it up anymore, so we're trying to wean her off of the formula with added rice starch since it constipates her.

Guess who can sit up on her own for a few minutes at a time?  We still prop pillows around her if we're not sitting nearby, since she dives for toys and ends up on her face.

Case in point.

She gets to sit up and see everything at the stores now! It's so exciting (and exhausting) for her!

She's really into her feet!

I can't blame her. I've tried them, too, and they are delicious.

It's a full-time job keeping socks on her feet since it's her mission in life to remove them.

She proved to be a great traveler when we drive 8 hours round-trip to Washington DC for my cousin, Rachel's, wedding. Emma has always been a great traveler, too. I see many more road trips in our family's future!

She still gets pureed foods every day, but she absolutely loves finger foods. She can now grab her Cheerios, although she usually gets too excited and drops them on the floor before getting them into her mouth.

She tolerates tummy time a lot better when she flips herself onto her belly. She can roll over from front to back, and sometimes from back to front, but hasn't scooted or crawled yet.

She's not generally a big crier unless we leave her in bed for too long after she wakes up. When she's all done with something or wants you to pick her up, this is her fussy face. Help. me. She is so cute.

Emma has been trying to teach Hallie to say "Emma"

 However, none of us can contend with Nana, who Hallie calls all day long ("na-na-na-na"). My mom and Hallie are both morning people and usually spend an hour alone together before the rest of us are awake.  Nana has the perfect sleeping shoulder, and Hallie snuggles right into "her spot" when Nana is holding her.  I'm not saying she doesn't like the rest of us, but there is a clear favorite.

Sweet sisters


This little sweetheart brings us joy every single day.

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