Friday, November 1, 2013

Costume Time!

Emma has been busy this Halloween!  Here are some pictures of the fun times we've had.

We joined some other moms and kids from our church at a local pumpkin patch. This was one of the only photos where I could get Emma to look at the camera.  She was too busy trying to pick up and eat the hay!

Emma and I

The moms of the other little babies - Leighann with Norma Jean on the left and Michelle with Josephine in the middle. It's funny that we all named our girls names from several generations ago. We basically went to hang out with everyone and get pictures of the girls with the pumpkins since they're not old enough to play or ride rides yet.

The whole group that came from church. Left to right: Cheryl with grandson Jason, Genelle with Greysen, Jerrica with baby Zach and older son Trevor, Michelle with Josephine, Me with Emma, and Leighann with Norma Jean. This is just a small representative of all the young kids and new babies at our church - we've experienced a baby boom recently!

Sue bought the cutest pumpkin outfits and hats for Ellie and Emma, and got some great photos of the two of them. 

She also dressed Emma in Ellie's "Ellie-phant" costume one day.

Dan calls Emma his "lady love bug," so we couldn't resist this pajama set when we saw it!

The wings on the back are too cute!

Speaking of wings, she also made a guest appearance at my work as Tinkerbell! My department dressed as the cast of Peter Pan, and she was the perfect addition.  Left to right: Doug (Peter Pan), my boss Ralph (Captain Hook), me (Wendy), Emma (Tinkerbell), and Fatima (Tiger Lily)

Peter, Wendy, and Tink

She's definitely added a fun new element to our October!

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