Saturday, November 10, 2012

2 + 1 =

The Jester family of three!!!!

We're excited to announce that we're expecting Baby Jester on April 21st!  We've felt all along that God has showered our marriage with blessings, and He's given us another amazing gift and reason to praise Him!   

In answer to the most common questions we've gotten:
  • I've been feeling great for the most part.  Very early on, I had a week and a half of nausea and strange food aversions, then it passed and now I'm just hungry all. the. time.  I know I'm extremely blessed in this, since I have several friends who have suffered from severe sickness during the first few months of pregnancy.
  • I've stopped running for now.  My nurse practitioner said she doesn't recommend it during pregnancy, even though there are many women who continue to run until it becomes uncomfortable for them. I still get up early during the week to ride our exercise bike, and we'll often go for a walk after dinner. This doesn't burn nearly the calories as running yet I feel the need to eat every two hours, so I managed to gain twice the recommended weight by the end of my first trimester. Exceeding expectations as usual - heh. 
  • I *may* have felt the baby move/kick a few times now.  Or it may have been gas, it's hard to say.  I'm looking forward to feeling the kicks for sure, and from what I've read it should be soon! 
  • Yes, we'll find out if we're having a boy or a girl - hopefully at our 19 week ultrasound on November 28th. Stay tuned...
  • I can't say that either of us has a strong preference about the gender, although Dan says "Lord help me" every time someone kids him about having a little princess. :)  I go back and forth on what I think it'll be, and either way we're in for a lot of fun! 
  • We haven't even started discussing baby names yet.  We figure we're better off if we wait until we know the gender so we can narrow down the list from the beginning.  There are tons of great names to choose from, and yet so many of them have been ruined by the crazy kids Dan's worked with over the years. :)
We're thrilled about this new adventure in life, and we'd really appreciate your prayers as we prepare for parenthood! 


Jon Gibson said...

Can't even begin to tell you how happy I am for you guys. Will be praying and looking forward to meeting the little boy or girl. Blessings to you guys. We love you!

gibsonfam said...

I am so excited for you! I always heard that teachers had the hardest time with baby names. Looking forward to seeing you guys around the holidays! :)

Courtney said...

I am SO excited for ya'll!!! Praising the Lord for this precious gift in your lives. Cannot wait to hear if it is a boy or a girl and all the fun that is yet to come. Love you both dearly and thrilled for you!

Melody said...

I am sooooo excited!!!! You are a BEAUTIFUL mommy!!!!

Murray said...

This is terrific news! So happy for you two ... I mean three...

Unknown said...

Wonderful news!!! So glad you have been feeling well and being hungry is a good thing. I used to always carry a bag of nuts, granola bars and dried fruit just in case I had the munchies. It helped!

Praying for you!
Julia Shiras

OCS said...

We are SOOOO excited for you THREE! Children are an amazing gift. Enjoy the ride! We'll be praying for you!

Emily and Kolby said...

Hooray!!! So unbelievably excited for you guys!

Enjoy the free pass to gain weight! I've gained 45 pounds (seriously)-- well above the amount recommended by the internet--and I still have three weeks to go, yet my doctor has never said a single word about it. So I'm just going with it :)

Can't wait to see your baby bump soon!


The.Ferlands said...

Yay! You look absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to squeeze the little bundle when he/she arrives. I have no doubt you'll have the running shoes back on in no time...I recommend a really good jogging stroller:-)
Love to all!
Kim and the Gang