Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Servant's Heart

For President's Day weekend, we took a quick trip to TX to visit my parents & Paul. Paul was living in the rehab center during our Christmas visit, recovering from a fractured pelvis. We made the best of it and trusted that God was providing the right solution for him, but we sure did miss him being with us at home!

Since Dan & I were both off last Monday for President's Day, it was a great chance to make up for lost time since Paul's back home now! He's been through the wringer for the past few months with multiple changes in his pain meds (due to adverse side effects), and there's an adjustment period for his mind & body to get used to any new prescription. But he's much less anxious at home, and he's slowly getting his strength back. An occupational therapist comes to the house 3x per week to exercise with him, and he's working on regaining his independence. One small step at a time adds up, so keep at it, Paul! We're cheering you on!

We got to treat Paul to lunch out - only his second time to eat at a restaurant since before Christmas!

My parents are truly amazing. Their lives have changed just as drastically as Paul's has, and they exemplify Christ's love and humility on a daily basis. I think a person's true character and strength are revealed in the most difficult, stressful situations, and it is clear that my parents are rock solid in their faith, their relationship, and their willingness to serve in any capacity needed. My Bible study leader, Chris, sent me an excerpt from John MacArthur's teaching on footwashing (in John 13:1-17) recently, and I think it describes my parents perfectly.

"When he washes his disciples' feet, Jesus is saying, "Behave in the same manner as I have behaved." Jesus' humility is the real lesson--and it is a practical humility that governs every area of life, every day of life, in every experience of life.

The result of that kind of humility is always loving service--doing the menial and humiliating tasks for the glory of Jesus Christ. That demolishes most of the popular ideas of what constitutes spirituality.

Some people seem to think that the nearer you get to God the further you must be from men, but that's not true. Actual proximity to God is to serve someone else.

In terms of sacrificing to serve others, there was never anything Jesus was unwilling to do. Why should we be different? We are not greater than the Lord: "Truly, truly, I say to you, a slave is not greater than his master; nor is one who is sent greater than the one who sent him. If you know these things, you are blessed [happy] if you do them" (John 13:16-17).

Do you want to be blessedly fulfilled and happy? Develop a servant's heart. We are His bondservants and a servant is not greater than his master. If Jesus can step down from a position of deity to become a man, and then further humble Himself to be a servant and wash the feet of twelve undeserving sinners, we ought to be willing to suffer any indignity to serve Him. That is true love, and true humility."


The.Ferlands said...

Beautifully stated...thank you for sharing this!

gibsonfam said...

Your parents and Dan's are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!